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Authorities in Shanghai have released an English map that makes it easier for expatriates to navigate the city and find food and entertainment venues.

Designed by the Shanghai Municipal Institute of Surveying and Mapping, the Shanghai Map uses text and pictures to illustrate venues including old lanes, museums, food streets, nightclubs and creative parks.

Instead of dividing the city into administrative divisions, the map outlines historical and cultural zones, such as the area near Renmin Road and Zhonghua Road in Huangpu district where many shikumen and old alleys can be found, or the area around Hengshan Road and Fuxing Road in Xujiahui district where old houses and former residences of celebrities are located.

The map also includes travel tips, locations of notable food and beverage places, illustrations of iconic architecture and guides to festivals and nightlife.

Planning and research for Shanghai Map started as early as 2015.

"We have prepared for such a long time to present a professional and authoritative Shanghai map in English to help tourists have a nicer experience here," Li Chenhong, chief designer of the map, was quoted as saying by Wenhui Daily.

The map is being sold in book stores in Shanghai. Residents will also find it at the Shanghai Book Fair that will kick off on Aug 16.

Cao Chen in Shanghai contributed to this story.

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